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Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel ServicesReservations:

  • Domestic, regional and international flight reservations
  • Domestic and international rail reservations
  • Coach reservations
  • Inclusive tailor-made leisure tour reservations
  • Car rental worldwide
  • Accommodation worldwide
  • Cruise reservations
  • Air charter reservations
  • Specialised group travel reservations
  • Conference and related travel arrangements
  • Incentive travel
  • International Calling Cards

Other services provided:

  • Ticket and document delivery
  • Obtaining visas
  • Passport assistance
  • Obtaining foreign exchange
  • Health advice
  • Travel Insurance
  • Frequent Flyer maintanance
  • Courier service
  • 24 hour emergency contact numbers
  • Organising International Driver's Licence

Corporate Travel offering to you:

  • We negotiate on your behalf with your preferred airline for route fares to destination commonly used by your company. In addition we can also arrange Corporate Agreements between our company and your preferred airline and other service providers.
  • We have access to a full range of discounted airfares allowing Munghana to offer you the cheapest available fares.
  • We are in partnership with Rennies Foreign Exchange and they deliver your Forex to your door.
  • TIC Insurance, so that when you travel you are adequately insured.
  • Traveller's profile - this will ensure correct class of travel, seat preference and and all travel arrangements.
  • Chauffeur service between the airport and your destination.
  • Assistance with loyalty programs
  • 24 Hour Emergency - Your travel consultant will be available should you have an emergency whilst traveling.
  • Monthly report - You will receive a comprehensive monthly report, detailing the names of staff members of your company that traveled as well as the class of travel, cost of ticket and name of service provider.